Sunday, October 22, 2000


Alright..yes...I am impatient...but I feel the need to vent about it! :P I volunteer online for YouthTech and one of my co-workers is supposed to have me trained on a new task by this evening. Well, he told me he'd send me this e-mail and well, I've yet to recieve it and it's been 4 days. He was given a deadline....and I'm afraid he won't keep up with it :) Okay..yes I'm impatient and overly anxious..but so what?! :P Blah....::storms away::
An Okay Night

The dance kind of stunk. I spent the night mainly walking around saying "Hi" to the many people that I know and I had no luck in finding a cute girl! They were all taken! :) Anyway, I'm going to head off to work this morning. Talk to you Later.

Saturday, October 21, 2000

The Big Night

hehe. Had to work a loooooooong 6 hour shift this morning but I'm all psyched up about the dance tonight. I only wish I had a date...but maybe tonight will be my lucky night & I'll find a cute girl. Who knows.....maybe God has something good planned for me this evening :) ::crosses fingers:: I'll let you know how it went tomorrow :) Pray for me!

Friday, October 20, 2000

A Loss In School Spirit

Hmmm...I went to the Homecoming Football game tonight and decided to leave at Half Time. The score was 0-16. I don't believe that Lake Region will be able to pull of another victory over Auburndale this year. Anyway...we found out who the homecoming queen and king are. Sherman Merricks got King and Heather Thomas got Queen. Well, I need to be getting to bed...have to be to work by 8:00am tomorrow.